This app was created to share Denee’s love for scripture with you! Within this app you can be inspired with scriptural direction, read the Bible, become acquainted with other Christian artists, and memorize Bible verses easily with the Bible Memory Songs!  

Though the memorization songs began to help children memorize scripture, it has become a tool adults use for memorization as well!

WordSong Features

Get Weekly Inspiration

Easily memorize scripture using songs, and take them anywhere on your phone or tablet! While simply enjoying music, you can hide God's Word in your heart. You will find the sacred words of these verses echoing in your mind and your spirit, helping you become a better person and a stronger Christian.

Prepare On The Go!

Perfect for Bible Quizzers! These are the same songs sold by BQPowers.com, official materials provider for the UPCI Bible Quizzing and Junior Bible Quizzing programs. Memorize or review anywhere, even on the go! 

Easy to Navigate!

Access a variety of uplifting and edifying materials including podcasts and more!

About Denee

To the public-at-large Denee is a singer, songwriter, author, and music director. Behind closed doors she is a mother, friend, prayer-partner, and a believer that no one is exempt from being a better version of themselves. 

Ezekiel 17:22-24 is her life-verse. Regardless of all of her roles she strives to please Jesus in all things. She truly believes that she can do all things through Christ. She believes that true enlightenment is in giving God joy!

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