Song Collections

Gospel of Mark

The new “Gospel of Mark” collection includes a survey of the teachings from this great book, presenting Jesus as both Servant and King.

Plus, this collection will provide ALL of the verses for the 2021 Junior Bible Quizzing season!! 

Bible Doctrines

The “Bible Doctrines” collection contains over 280 verse songs relating essential tenets of the Christian faith.

Some of the Playlists in the Doctrines collection include Prayer, Praise, Building Character, Consecration, God Is One, Sin & Repentance, Faith, The Gospel, and more!


Lyrics by Solomon, Melodies by Denee!

Fill your mind and heart with the wisdom of Solomon. These principles are key to successfully navigating the challenges of life, business, relationships, and more.

Enjoy over 280 verse songs representing all 31 chapters of the book of Proverbs.


Join the Psalmist, King David, in singing these beautiful prayers and praises to God.

The Psalms collection contains over 280 verse songs. Some of these lyrics were originally written by David, the man after God’s own heart, as he watched his sheep and worshipped God alone in the wilderness.